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Abstract Art

"I want you to get excited about

who you are,

what you are,

what you have, and

what can still be for you.


I want to inspire you to see that you can go far beyond where you are right now."

Virginia Satir


Psychotherapy is a talking treatment method that is used to explore, understand, and/or treat relational and mental health issues.

Research, including brain imaging techniques, show that about 75% of people who start psychotherapy experience benefits such as decrease in symptoms, better relationships, and increased functioning in life.

There are several types of psychotherapy approaches; the duration, length and the content differs in each approach.  

When you start psychotherapy; accordingly to your needs, we will be setting goals and a time frame for our work together. Appropriately to your goals we might explore your life events such as; your childhood memories, traumatic events, family of origin, past relationships, social life, academic and/or work life, communication patterns, and psychosomatic experiences.

What is Psychotherapy?


Aysu Hazar has been conducting workshops and seminars for colleagues, schools, businesses, individuals, couples, parents, and children.

Her main areas of focus are; playfulness, mindfulness, congruence, experiential techniques, and healthy communication patterns. Here are some of her past work.

Upcoming events will be announced.

workshop seminar

Mental Health & Playfulness

Psychologists TR  Academy, 2021

Our "New Normal" & Couple Playfulness

Satir Human Growth and Family Therapy Institute, 2021

Couple Playfulness & Covid-19

Satir Human Growth and Family Therapy Institute, 2020

Playfulness in Psychotherapy with Adults & Couples

Istanbul Bilgi University, 2020

Playfulness: History & Methods in Psychotherapy


Playful Techniques in Couples Therapy

Satir Human Growth and Family Therapy Institute, 2019

Being Childish with your Child

Canada Middle School, 2019

Congruence Through Art

YA Music Studio, 2018

Healing with Music

YA Music Studio, 2018

Work Together, Love Better

Istanbul Bilgi University, 2017

Instagram - @psychotherapistaysuhazar

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Earl's Court, London

+44 7472 328538

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